Technologically SavvyTranslators & InterpretersA resource under construction by Claudia Brauer - BrauerTraining

This wiki has been created as a result of a recent question (May 2014) postedin a Linkedin discussion threadby Freelance Language Specialist Catherine Stevenson .

My original post talked about the need forTranslators and Interpreters to become Technologically Savvy.

Catherine's post stated: "How about taking this important discussion to a whole new level that would be rewarding for translators and engineers, such as: 1) What additional skills could translators learn to become more efficient translators, better prepared for the future of the industry, etc? Please be very specific and give us links and/or books, trainings that translators can use to achieve this? 2) How could engineers and PMs become better partners by understanding the linguistic perspective better, and tune in their MT engines and processes to enhance and improve the output of MT segments?"
I have collected many resources useful to me in arriving at my personal conclusion about the urgent need to train translators and interpreters in the latest technologies so that they remain relevant in the *fast-paced* *instant* *virtual* *digital* *multicultural* Global Village of the 21st century. This means, having the tools of the day to work in this day and age.
I will therefore share some of the resources that I have found, which might be the basis of future discussions. These have no particular order and are by no means comprehensive. They serve only as the basis for discussion and analysis. All these materials are public on the internet and their sources are quoted at the bottom of the page on each pdf.